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Illustrations and Maps

Map of the Magellan-Elcano Circumnavigation

The Armada de Maluko

The Chiefs of These Islands

The Philippine Route of the First Circumnavigation

Highlights of the Philippine Route of the First Circumnavigation

1. Homonhon

The natives of Suluan discover the helpless crew anchored off the coast of Homonhon.  Magellan embraces the local chief and requests for food and drinks. The island’s chief  helps and provides them with what they have.

2. Mazaua

Rajah Colambu welcomes the expedition, and enters into a blood compact with Magellan. A mass to celebrate Christ’s resurrection is held.

3. Cebu

Juana, wife of Humabon, is baptized and is charmed by the image of the Santo Niño, which Magellan later presents to her as a gift.

4. Mactan

Magellan and his men proceeds to Mactan. A battle ensues, with Lapulapu emerging victorious. Magellan is killed while rushing to his son, one of the crew men, who died in the battle.

5. Kipit

The remaining crew men reach Kipit. There, Rajah Calanao welcomes them and enters into a blood compact with Magellan’s succesor, Juan Carvalho.

6. Palawan

The expedition reaches Dyguasam and are welcomed by the people. Here they meet Bastiam, a Christian trader from Maluku. Calvalho enters into a blood compact with the ruler of Palawan. Among that they witness here is the tradition of cockfighting.

7. Sarangani

In Sarangani, the crew men take two pilots who can help them reach their ultimate goal, the Maluku. From there, the Trinidad and Victoria depart from the archipelago for the Maluku.

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